February 27, 2024

Could Effective Heating Save You Money?

The colder weather is drawing in faster than we could have imagined. It does not feel that long ago since many of us were sweltering underneath the summer sun, taking desperate measures to feel any kind of cool breeze, but the reality now could not be further.

If the cost of living crisis is not something you need to be worried about, then there is a good chance you will not be reading this piece anyway! However, for the rest of us who face a distressing time trying to heat our homes and our toes, we are hammering away at Google to try and find out if there is any way we can save money on our bills.

This piece is going to take a look at what effective heating is and if it can really save you money.

Let’s get into it.

Define Effective Heating

First of all, to answer this question we have to determine what it actually means to have effective heating, and this could mean different things to different people. For example, are you thinking about getting an eco-friendly boiler? Are you planning on investing in extra insulation in the home? Are you trying to find out about tips and tricks on how to use the tools you have more effectively?

Answering these questions will help you determine how much money you can save and if it is a worthwhile move to make.

Look at Heating Accompaniments

It is easy to focus on our literal heating to keep us warm, but there are actually many different parts that play a bigger role in making sure we can feel our fingers and facilitate the boiler.

Some of these include:

  • Getting rid of the draughtsA massive culprit for heating loss, draughts can often be found around windows, cracks, the bottom of doors, and gaps such as around a fireplace.
  • Update thermostat or boiler – If you have a dated thermostat, you might find it is not communicating with your boiler as effectively as it should. If your boiler is dated, it won’t be as energy efficient as a newer one. Check out boiler installations Thurrock for a quote!
  • Use removable insulation – Wrapping your boiler up in some towels or foam and making sure your pipes are snug can help them all retain heat much more effectively.

The Best Tip for Saving Money on Heating

Ultimately, the best tip for saving money on heating is to only turn the heating on when you really need to. This could be when you are in the house or during the coldest parts of the day.

Some do say that leaving your heating on a low temperature throughout the whole day is cost-effective, but this will only really be an option if it does not get too cold when the temperature fluctuates. Also – many experts say it is not actually cheaper than using your heating when you need it, so it is best to decide what works for you and your home.


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