April 22, 2024

How To Avoid Fake Account Scams

Lottery fraud is a common scam in Malaysia, where the names of well-known companies and organisations, such as Maxis, are used to trick people into providing their financial information.

Typically, victims would receive a message or a call claiming that they have won a large sum of money in a lottery or contest sponsored by the company mentioned. Here’s how the scam usually works:

  • Ahmad receives an SMS claiming that he has won a giveaway sponsored by Maxis. To claim the prize, Ahmad is asked to click on a link in the message.
  • Excited, he clicks on the link, however, he ends up downloading a malware onto his phone! This is extremely dangerous as malware can spy on your phone’s activity, allowing scammers to steal your sensitive information.
  • Soon after, he starts receiving calls from unknown numbers asking for personal and financial information and his savings in bank account are all gone!

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  • Be cautious of unsolicited messages or calls claiming that you have won a lottery or jackpot.
  • Verify the message received from unknown numbers before trusting them as any company’s representative or management team.
  • Always verify the lottery or giveaway offers with official websites and centres of such events.


  • Do not click into any links especially if it is from unknown sources or if the URLs look suspicious.
  • Never provide personal or financial information to unknown sources. 
Always stay alert and extra cautious when sharing personal information. Please click the button below to learn more about protecting yourself online.


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