May 20, 2024

Insider Tricks Stylists Use to Make Clothes Fit Perfectly

Getting clothes to fit just right can be frustrating. The size on the label doesn’t always match your
body shape and type. However, stylists have insider tricks they use to tailor clothes to fit clients
perfectly. Read on to learn some of their top tips and tricks for making any outfit fit impeccably.

Use Fashion Tape

One of the simplest yet most effective tricks stylists use is fashion tape. This double-sided tape can
be used in many ways to make clothes fit better. Strategically place strips on the inside of loose
necklines to keep them in place. Use tape at the sides of a wrap dress to secure it closed. Tape the
back strap of a racerback tank that wants to slip down. Fashion tape solves many fit issues

Try Bra Fillers

For those with small busts, bra fillers can make all the difference in how clothes fit up top. Stylists
recommend reusable silicone bra fillers over disposable pads. The silicone has a more realistic breast
shape and stays in place better. When fitting a client, stylists will have them try on an outfit braless
first to see how it fits. Then they’ll add bra fillers to fill out the shape properly. Bra inserts are great
for adding oomph to otherwise ill-fitting tops and dresses.

Know Your Tailoring Tricks

A skilled stylist always comes armed with a variety of quick tailoring tricks. For sleeve length, they
may use fashion tape to neatly gather excess fabric. To take in a waist, they can stitch a few darts or
tucks seamlessly. For trouser length, they keep a small sewing kit on hand for a quick hem. Whether
it’s nipping, tucking, pinning, gathering, or hemming, a stylist knows what alteration will make
clothes fit perfectly.

Size Up and Take In

One counterintuitive trick stylists use is getting a larger size and taking in as needed. It’s easier to
make big clothes smaller than it is to make small clothes bigger. A stylist will assess a client’s body
type and get the closest larger size. For example, they may size up in the hips and take in the waist.
This gives the room needed in problem areas without being overly big everywhere.

Use Fashion Weights

Clip-on fashion weights are another trick for improving fit. These small metal weights can be
discreetly clipped along a hem or waistband to keep pieces hanging and draping smoothly.
Strategically placed weights prevent gaping, slipping, and riding up. Weights are especially useful for
making loose styles like maxi dresses hang just right.

Master Alteration Placement

The key to good alterations is knowing where and how much to take in. An experienced stylist can
look at an outfit and know exactly where to pinch, tuck, nip or dart. They’ll make sure to maintain
balance and proportion. A small tuck at the waistline might be all that’s needed to make something
fit impeccably. Mastering alteration placement takes skill and practice.

Fitting clothing perfectly on every body takes insider knowledge and creativity. With fashion tape,
bra fillers, quick alterations, strategic sizing, and weights, stylists work magic. Using their toolkit of
tricks helps clothes of all styles and sizes fit flawlessly. So, next time an outfit feels hopeless, try a
stylist’s techniques to make it look like it was custom-made for you. A few simple tweaks can make
all the difference in fit and confidence.


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