May 22, 2024

Why Are Strokes Usually More In Bathrooms?

Strokes are usually high in bathrooms because when we enter the bathroom we soak our head and hair first which is not supposed to be. This is a wrong approach.

In this way, if you water the head at first, the blood rises to the head quickly and the arteries can be torn together. As a result, stroke happens and then falling to the ground.

A report published in the Journal of Canada’s Medical Association said the risks that were previously predicted due to stroke or mini stroke, in fact the risk is longer lasting and even more dangerous.

According to multiple studies around the world, the cases of death or paralysis due to stroke during bath is increasing day by day. According to doctors, one should take a bath by following some rules while bathing.

If you don’t take bath following the right rules, you can die too. Shouldn’t soak your head and hair first while bathing. Because blood circulation in human body is at a certain temperature. Body temperature takes a while to adjust to outside temperature. According to doctors, water on the head first increases the speed of blood circulation. The risk of stroke may also increase at that time.

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Excessive blood pressure can tear the brain arteries.

The right rule of bathing :-

Got to soak the feet first. Then slowly soak up shoulder upwards. Mouth will be watering then. At the end of everyone should water their head.

This method must be followed by those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and migraine.

Must inform this information to elderly parents and relatives.


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