July 16, 2024

How to Optimize Your Home for Your Application to Foster Children

If you have made the life-changing decision to foster a child and you have already approached an agency, you will probably be getting a home visit soon. Fostering a child and giving them a chance to grow up in a safe and secure environment is a big deal, and it is an agency’s job to make sure they can thrive in a prospective foster carer’s home. Waiting for your initial home visit can be nerve-wracking. Luckily there are a few ways you can prepare. Here is a short guide to help you optimize your home for your application to foster children.

Get the Basics Right

The one tangible thing you need to foster a child is a spare bedroom. All children need their own private space where they can sleep, play, and feel safe. This room should be warm and comfortable and have ample space for a foster child to rest and relax. During the visit, visitors from the agency will pay particular attention to the room to check that it is suitable. Make sure you know which room you will dedicate to the child and be ready to show it to the visitors. If you need more information about getting the basics right, visit thefca.co.uk.

Tidy and Declutter

During your home visit, the interior and exterior parts of your property will be checked for safety. You can prepare your property and make it appear more homely by tidying up before the visit and getting rid of any junk you no longer need. Unkempt properties that need a good clean do not give off a good impression. They can make a home feel chaotic and disorderly, which is not the right environment for a child to grow up in. In addition, photographs may be taken of your home. If so, photos will probably be taken of the living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and the garden. These photos might be shown to a child to prepare them for their move and help them get to grips with their new home. Although you do not require a sparkling home with absolutely no mess to be a foster carer, you will make a better impression if your home is clean and tidy.


Pets are a normal part of many households, and a family pet can help some foster children settle into a home – especially if they had a pet in the home of their biological family. Home visitors will be checking to see if you have any pets and assessing their risk to a foster child. If you do own pets, they will want to meet them, and they will check to see if they are kept hygienically. If you own a particular breed of dog, they may also want a vet’s report. As a prospective foster carer, you can optimize your situation by showing visitors you are keeping your pets in a suitable environment and caring for them properly.

Stow Away Potential Hazards Properly

Make sure any potential hazards are stowed away properly. For instance, sharp kitchen knives should be put away in a safe place. Medicines should be locked in a cabinet, and cleaning products should be stored in a cupboard.


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