July 18, 2024

Best Cafés in Melaka to Check Out

Melaka is a magnificent destination to visit. It has long been recognised for its rich history and delicious cuisine. It also features a lot of ancient structures that are great for visiting because of its preserved heritage.

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With cafés springing up throughout Melaka, such aspects are still alive and well, as seen by their fusion meals served in lovely historical structures. The café culture has exploded across the city, particularly all over Jonker Street, the heart of the ancient state. From classic cafés to intimate dining spots, here is a list of the top cafes in Melaka that you must explore while you are in town!

The Daily Fix Cafe

If you come across a beautiful souvenir shop that sells Nyonya souvenirs, The Daily Fix will greet you behind all those doors with its picturesque plant and vintage café. It provides a pleasant, relaxing environment in addition to a choice of Western meals and sweets. The Daily Fix is among Melaka’s most popular cafés, famous for its delectable pandan pancakes.

This lovely small cafe is in a two-story historic shophouse built in the 1800s and offers a warm environment. The Daily Fix is a pleasant change from the typical cafes found in many major cities, thanks to its oriental ambiance and excellent coffee. There are many things on the menu to choose from, which may be challenging for you to pick. If you are confused about what to order, check out their menu on your phone on the way to the cafe!

Calanthe Art Cafe

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Calanthe Art Cafe was established even before Malacca’s coffee and cafe craze emerged. This restaurant, which has been in operation for over two decades, is recognized for its special 13 states’ coffee. They offer 13 different varieties of coffee sourced from every one of Malaysia’s states.

The beans used to make these coffees are not the basic espresso-based beans found in stores. They are the authentic Kopitiam, produced with speciality roasted beans, a cloth strainer, and your pick of either condensed or evaporated milk. The ideal way to experience this unique coffee is with a bowl of the cafe’s signature Nyonya Laksa.

Backlane Coffee

Source: facebook.com/backlanecoffeemelaka

Backlane Coffee nestles away in the back lane of Jonker Street, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. This visually beautiful café emits a trendy, laid-back appeal with its uncovered brick wall, metal, and wood elements, giving it a rustic industrial look. The cafe is also full of plants, complimenting the entire interior, which looks neat in the eyes. So, bringing along a camera is considered crucial to take pictures due to its Instagram-worthy ambience. 

If you are looking for a quiet place to read or hang out with friends, the atmosphere is easy-going and peaceful. Take a break here and fill up your empty tummies with their healthy brunch selections, rice bowls as well as pasta.

Alley No. 5

Alley No. 5 is a secluded jewel situated along Jalan Kampung Kuli that takes a little work to find. But once you do, you will find this amazing cafe that serves a quick snack and a pleasant break from the warmth of the day.

This tiny café, often called ‘wu hao,’ impresses with its superb coffee and mouth-watering pastries, laid-back ambience, and antique yet simplistic decoration. While you are at the cafe, enjoy their handmade cheesecakes and latte. This charming café morphs into a secret bar when night falls, making it the perfect getaway to hang with your friends.

Kaya Kaya Cafe

The café is located along Jalan Tukang Besi and is built in a historic Peranakan structure. This café is not that big as it only has one level. This level is divided into an indoor and semi-outdoor area on the rear with unusual internal illumination and classical chairs. This cafe is undoubtedly picturesque with its beautiful mural paintings on the walls.

When you are here, the first thing that you must try is their cappuccino, which has a very distinct and unique flavour. The breakfast Malacca dish served is also a must-try, where it is a vast spread of bread, eggs, beef bacon, sausages, eggs, salads that a large group can share.

Mods Cafe

This modest coffee shop in the middle of Jonker Street is passionate about its coffee. It features cappuccinos, flat white, and other espresso-based options created from the rear of a vibrant Volkswagen van. They are also called the coffee on wheels because they have journeyed throughout Malaysia in the very same van to attend coffee-related activities. It is important to note that there is a strict house rule that every customer who sits down must order a drink – since seating is quite restricted.


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